Our HR strategy is the long-range sketch of the desired image, direction and destination of the organisation. It is a scheme of intent and action, which is carefully planned and flexibly designed with the purpose of achieving set goals.

Employee Life cycle

Employee life cycle is an HR model that identifies the different stages an employee advances through in an organization and the role HR plays in optimizing that progress. It visualize how the employee engages with the organization they are a part of. Each stage throughout the cycle has its challenges,

Skills HR engages continuously to improve their process for each stage to better the success of their employees. This ongoing relationship has five stages: Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention, and Exit or Separation.




A HRIS, which is also known as a human resource information system is basically an intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software. This allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically. Skills HR has its own HR Management Software for Startups and Small business to take care of a number of activities, including those related to human resources, accounting, management, and payroll. This software allows our Clients to plan its management costs more effectively, as well as to control them without needing to allocate too many resources toward them. A company that invest in a HRIS that fits their goals, objectives, mission, and values, is a company that is investing in its future and in its success.

Performance management

Performance management goal is to create an environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities to produce the highest-quality work most efficiently and effectively. At Skills HR we use traditional tools such as creating and measuring goals, objectives, and milestones. We aim to define what effective performance looks like and develop processes to measure performance. performance management turns every interaction with an employee into an occasion to learn.Management can use performance management tools devised by us to adjust workflow, recommend new courses of action, and make other decisions that will help employees achieve their objectives.



Training, Learning & Development

Training and development has always been important to employees but it has arguably never been more so than it is today. Has a compelling L&D offering taken on near essential status for employers looking to attract, engage and retain the best people? And, if so, what might this look like for forward-looking organisations? Top-performing organisations foster a continuous approach to learning. We also consider how best to encourage informal knowledge sharing in a collaborative way among teams and individuals. Our Training initiatives are unique to the organization in which it is designed to impact. We keep the employees with increased flexibility in handling changes inside and outside, in a way to truly learn and lead the change. Train, and develop the team to achieve the organizational goals

Compensation & Benefits

Companies hire people individual to achieve their organizational goals and people join companies to earn money & build their career. One of the biggest factors why people join companies is the compensation and benefits, salaries, perks, incentives etc which is given to them. Apart from the company's reputation and job profile, the money offered as a salary is pivotal in attracting people to work for the organization. These remuneration packages need to be created, managed and distributed efficiently. Skills HR that specialize in compensation and benefits get involved. We take charge of administering, managing and evaluating the payroll, salary structures, and incentive schemes.



Employee Engagement

Employee engagement goes beyond activities, games, and events. Employee engagement drives performance. Engaged employees look at the whole of the company and understand their purpose, where, and how they fit in. This leads to better decision-making. Organizations with an engaged workforce outperform their competition. A high-performing workforce is necessary to remain competitive, even survive. Developing programs to raise levels of employee engagement must be intentional, have meaning, purpose based on findings. Our experts are your experts—here to help you get the most out of your culture initiatives. From measurement and implementation to data-powered optimization, we’re with you every step of the way. We Measure…We Consult…We Communicate…and We Educate.

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